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http://My name is TURIKUMWENAYO Desire, I am a professional video producer having worked at different TV stations and other media houses. I also have enough experience in camera work, scriptwriting, sound recording and directing. From early in my childhood, I was a big fan of movies. Having watched and enjoyed a lot of films, I found myself curious of knowing how they were made. Thus starting my career. I was an extra actor on one of the films on the genocide theme. On set,I became a friend with the producer, who eventually introduced me to one of the US. filmmaker, Darren Dean, who was in Rwanda shooting his documentary film. That’s how I started my career. I started in 2009 as a student of Kwetu Film Institute. As students, we graduated with a short film called “UBUZIMA BURABABAZA”. From there on, I made my first short film called “VUNA”, which was intended to show my directing skills. This short gave me the opportunity to fly to Germany for a six-month course on TV production in Munich. Back to Rwanda, I started working on local TV stations as a camera operator & Editor, first at TV10 then at Contact TV. After leaving TV career, I created my small production company where we now make various kind of videos from TV shows & commercials, music videos, documentary films to wedding videos. I am happy that I’m now doing a job I have always dreamed of, even though I still have a long way to go. I never stop learning and that’s why I am here at ADMA. Day to day I want to improve the quality of my work and deliver the best I can. For now, I am not concerned about money since I know it automatically comes with the hard work.

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